Super PAC App Cuts to the Truth


What happens when you take some eggheads from MIT and have them canoodle with nerds from Kennedy School of Government? A tech app with real political impact.

The Super PAC app is the Shazam of politics. The next time some loud mouthed political ad pops up on screen, have the Super PAC app give it a listen. After a few moments, the app will dissect the ad into it’s components, giving you information on who funded the ad, what claims are being made, how much was spent in creating the ad, and even if they’re telling you the whole truth. It links out to third-party sites so you can decide for yourself whether it’s time to get worried about America, or to get downright terrified about America.

The App itself is free, unlike the millions spent muddying the waters of politics. Even nerds need to get political sometimes.

Badass! From their site: 

Priorities USA Action. Restore Our Future. American Bridge 21st Century. American Crossroads. This string of vague and ambiguous words is the fine print that lurks behind the 2012 U.S. presidential election: the names of Super PACs.

To date over $300 million has already been contributed to over 780 Super PACs, and those numbers are only going up. Most of that money will be spent on TV ads. So what exactly are all those ads trying to tell us?

With the Super PAC App, viewers can find out with ease. While watching a political TV ad, a user can hold up her phone to identify the commercial and receive objective, third-party information. The Super PAC App allows the user to rate the ad, while understanding who and how much money is behind the ad, what claims the ad is making, and whether those claims are based on facts.

The Super PAC App is a simple way for you, the voter, to bring transparency to the 2012 presidential campaign.